Assorted Heap – The Experience of Horror

Mix Airbrush-Colourpen, 34 x 40 cm, 1991

LP/CD-Cover (1991), Mischtechnik Airbrush Buntstifte, ca. 34 x 40 cm

Bodo Farmer

Oil on Board, 2003


Mixed Media on Board, 2003

Bodo Admiral


Subway Surfers – T-Shirt

Pen with black Ink on Paper, 30 x 30 cm, 1990

Strangemen „Stop the world“-Cover

Colored Pencil, 1990

„Der Drache“


„Der Drache“ Plakat

Mixed Media, Din A 1

Eliza & Nordstrand, Port of Emden

Reed Pen with Black Ink, 04.09.1986

Gulls Skull

Oil Crayon on Colored Board, 1986